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Automate Your Employee Upskilling

Save time and money when you automate your professional development program on OneRange with our revolutionary open marketplace, pay-per-use pricing, and unrivaled intelligence powered by AI.

Trusted by Industry-Leading Companies

What is OneRange?

OneRange is the intelligent upskilling marketplace that connects companies and their employees to world-class learning providers.

The platform leverages data across courses, books, conferences, and more to make individualized recommendations for effective skill-building at every level. OneRange is the first-ever corporate upskilling model that allows companies to pay for only what employees need to develop.

Partnered with Leading Providers

Flexible Skill Development for Employees

Control & Trackability for Your Business

More Effective Skill Development

As the industry’s first open marketplace, OneRange gives your employees freedom and flexibility to get any upskilling resources they need, when they need it.

Access 1,000+ vetted, industry-leading content providers

Add your own upskilling content, regardless of format (courses, books, conference & more)

Automated skill tagging makes content easily discoverable

Better Employee to Resource Matching

Our unrivaled AI & machine learning intelligence connects learners to resources so you don’t have to.

Best-in-class data analysis evaluates both business and employee upskilling goals

Automatically create individualized, effective career pathways for employees to follow

Powerful recommendation engine ensures employees find the most up-to-date, useful content

Optimize Your Upskilling Program with Ease

We designed OneRange specifically for you to maximize your professional development ROI by giving you the best content & controls, all in one place.

Pay-per-use pricing — only pay for what you need, when you need it

Virtual cards eliminate administrative burdens and ensure your employees never pays out of pocket

Streamlined approvals, thoughtful oversight tools, advanced reporting, and superior trackability

The Old Approach to Professional
Development is Broken


employee utilization of current training & upskilling programs


of global jobs are set to change due to AI & automation


of employees believe they will need to reskill or upskill every year to remain competitive


of employees would remain with their employers if offered better growth opportunities

Create a Skill Development Program That Works for All Employees



Tell us your goals, we’ll take care of the rest


Our unmatched range of content, with AI-powered career pathways


Approve requests, customize budgets and analyze results in seconds


Superior trackability helps your business reach new heights

The Skill-Building Revolution Has Already Begun

“An important part of our growth plan centers around building new skills within our current team, as well as delivering foundational training for new Cayliens. Our OneRange partnership has allowed us to roll out an L&D program with minimal overhead, while delivering an experience and benefit that our employees love. OneRange has been a tremendous asset to the Caylent team and we are excited to continue to leverage the platform!”

JP La Torre,

CEO of Caylent
"Since partnering with OneRange, I’ve consistently received positive feedback from each of my teams, and our internal eNPS score has risen notably. As a COO, I pride myself in retaining and growing our talent, and OneRange has proven to be a huge asset on this front. In today’s competitive labor market, it is more important than ever to differentiate the offerings you have for your teams. We couldn’t be happier with the decision to partner with them!"

Ben Kozy,

COO of Airspace
“OneRange transformed the way we deliver learning & development. By providing individuals with control over their growth, it gives employees a vast number of resources to choose from to chart their professional development roadmap. Additionally, OneRange creates meaningful conversations with managers and their teams about growth opportunities that keep everyone engaged.”

Kevin Lehman,

Director of People and Culture
“As a training and development/people leader, I see tremendous value in having employees have more control over their development channels. Additionally, for fast-growing start-ups, it's beneficial to be able to curate content based on your employee's needs vs having to create new content for every training. This cuts down on resources and makes the training and development library far more tailored and robust.”

Tara Nesser,

Founder of LevelUp Talent
“By giving employees a way to own their self-development, the OneRange platform becomes the next-gen performance management structure that smaller companies need and want. I wish I could have implemented OneRange two years ago! As a small, but growing, company we want to support our employees in their career development and this is the most seamless way to provide the learning opportunities they've been asking for.”

Kendall Miller,

VP of Operations, TheGuarantors

Streamline with 50+ Integrations

OneRange reduces the steps needed to effortlessly scale your team’s training and upskilling. We integrate with the best tools currently on the market, including:

Backed by Industry Leaders

An award-winning platform that makes it simple for employees


Find the best resource for the skills you need

Request for Approval

submit for approval with a simple justification


Pay for the resources you need with company budget — directly through Quick Purchase™ or by using a OneRange VISA-backed virtual card
OneRange receives investment from SHRM, workplace innovation leader
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