How it works

March 4, 2024 2024-04-02 11:50

Get 5X More Out of Your Upskilling Budget

Companies that automate their professional development program with OneRange see their budget go up to 5X further when compared to industry-leading subscription-based models. The platform makes it simple to reduce spending on underutilized tools and redirect spending to high-quality content.

How it Works

Define Your Program and Launch OneRange

OneRange helps you build a custom skill development policy, program, and budget.

Allocate individualized budgets

Define approval workflows

Set up reporting structures

Explore Our Intelligent, Open Marketplace

AI-powered career pathways & recommendations

Only pay for the content you need

Employee virtual cards eliminate reimbursements

Manage Your Upskilling Program

Seamlessly track, analyze, and control your program with any size staff.

Review and approve requests in seconds

Leverage advanced usage & spend insights

Easily analyze budget performance & improve ROI

Optimize & Excel

Data-driven program analytics connect skill development performance to management outcomes.

Enhance your program by incentivizing managers

Measure and drive professional development impact

Prove ROI with better business impact reporting

Case Study

90% of Caylent Employees Report Applying New Skills to Jobs After Automating With OneRange

An award-winning platform that makes it simple for employee


Find the best resource for the skills you need

Request for Approval

submit for approval with a simple justification


Pay for the resources you need with company budget — directly through Quick Purchase™ or by using a OneRange VISA-backed virtual card
OneRange receives investment from SHRM, workplace innovation leader
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