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About OneRange

Professional development has never been more challenging. 

Employees are requiring more options than ever before, and content providers are stepping up to deliver them, but the challenge most companies face is how to connect the diverse employee needs to the fragmented skill development solutions in an efficient way. 

Feeling overwhelmed, many businesses default to one-size-fits-all solutions that are limited and inflexible, making it impossible for most employees to get the upskilling resources they need.

As a result, employee utilization of training & upskilling programs is, on average, only 10%.

OneRange is on a mission to flip this model with an open content marketplace that aligns companies, employees, and learning providers. Our open marketplace means employees can request and purchase any content in the world, regardless of format.

OneRange solves this with an open marketplace that makes all the world’s learning resources available to employees regardless of format, advanced AI and machine learning that creates customized pathways based on employee and business goals, and subscription-free a la carte shopping so budget isn’t wasted on subscriptions that don’t get used.

All this, while giving managers best-in-class tools oversight, control, and business reporting.

The results speak for themselves. On average, OneRange customers see 92% employee utilization of our platform.

Tired of the status quo? Join the OneRange professional development revolution today!

OneRange Operating Principles

Be a little giant

Scale yourself and those around you to deliver an asymmetrical impact for yourself, your team, our customers, and our partners.

Action Cures Fear

Faced with challenges, we embrace action as the solution to fear. Trusting our abilities and teamwork, we take the first step towards success, because for us, the obstacle is the way.

No Hallowed Ground

Innovation has no limits; every idea, process, or tradition is open to improvement. We foster creativity, knowing breakthroughs can come from unexpected sources.

No Bad Juju

Our culture thrives on positivity, driving our efforts with infectious optimism. By nurturing a can-do attitude and eliminating negativity, we enhance productivity, problem-solving, and create a supportive environment for all.

Steve Gilman

Co-founder & CEO

Steve Gilman began his career in two of the greatest skill development programs in the world, professional sports and the US military.

Steve was selected by the Detroit Tigers in 2008 after graduating Yale University. Steve was exposed to world-class upskilling programs that draft talented teenagers and develop them into elite professionals. And the stakes are high, with hundreds of millions of dollars at stake for players and staff, and billions on the line for the organizations who succeed.

After his professional baseball career, Steve joined the Defense Intelligence Agency as an Intelligence Officer, where he became the youngest member of his office to earn the rank of GG-13. He primarily worked on counterproliferation missions and served overseas out of Defense Attache Offices at the US Embassy in Cairo and the US Embassy in Abu Dhabi. During his time at the Department of Defense, he conducted operations with Navy Special Warfare – he was exposed to how special operations relied on upskilling elite personnel into the most effective fighting force in the world.

Upon graduating from Columbia Business School and joining the private sector, Steve was surprised to find corporate skill development programs lagging behind his previous experiences, and he has since made it his mission to bring the best-in-class methodologies from sports and the military into the corporate world for the betterment of businesses and employees alike.

Steve graduated from Yale University (B.S.) and Columbia Business School (M.B.A.). He was formerly the co-founder & COO of Blockparty, a tech-enabled live event company backed by Live Nation Entertainment.

Steve received a direct commission into the Navy, serving as a Lieutenant. He guest lectures at Yale School of Management and Columbia University and invests in/advises early-stage technology companies.

Houtan Fanisalek

Co-founder & CTO

Houtan (Hoots) Fanisalek is an award-winning engineer, entrepreneur, and technologist who specializes in robotics, computer vision, and software development. 

Hoots’ passion for AI and machine learning led him to partner with Steve to bring their vision for a professional development revolution to reality. He’s now on a mission to find, tag, categorize, and organize the world’s professional development content and connect it to the workforce to improve both the lives of employees—and the outcomes of businesses—the world over.

Hoots is a graduate of Columbia School of Engineering (M.S.) and Binghamton University (B.S.) He was formerly CTO of Felix Gray, a high-growth ecommerce company, and founder of SensorKit and SideProjects.

A member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Hoots regularly attends conferences and speaks about the future of technology. He is fluent in Farsi, conversant in Spanish, and loves learning languages of all kinds.

OneRange receives investment from SHRM, workplace innovation leader
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