We’re pleased to announce that we have received an equity investment from SHRM, a leader in HR and workplace innovation. 

The investment comes as part of a program to help grow and scale solutions focused on the future of work and innovative workplace technologies.

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 “It brings me immense gratitude to be able to play a role in the scaling of these startups, which promise to provide long-term solutions to today’s most pressing HR challenges,” said Andy Biladeau, Chief Transformation Officer of SHRM.

What we get

In addition to a sizable equity investment, we’ll also get access to terrific SHRM resources. These include a curated advisory council of experts, as well as potential user testing and feedback. We also get a sponsored slot at two major SHRM events: The SHRM Talent Conference & Expo in Las Vegas (happening next week!) and the SHRM 2024 Annual Conference & Expo in Chicago (June 23-26). And we have the opportunity to receive additional equity investments if we hit key financial milestones.

Why we’re excited about it

Commenting on the SHRM investment, OneRange CEO and co-founder Steve Gilman said, “We are honored to have the support of SHRM, whose dedication to advancing people through ongoing professional growth is truly commendable. While our mission encompasses serving professionals from all walks of life, the opportunity to collaborate with SHRM allows us to glean insights from industry leaders. This strategic partnership promises to further enrich the experiences of those we serve, unlocking even greater value.” 
Here are some more key areas where we think our priorities overlap.
Mission alignment
SHRM’s slogan is “better workplaces, better world.” We believe that one of the key ingredients to creating better workplaces is providing exceptional, personalized upskilling and professional development that makes workers feel truly valued. After all, employees who continually elevate their skills will be the change makers of tomorrow. So when it comes to investing in human capital, we’re in lockstep with SHRM.
Future vision
SHRM is at the forefront of helping organizations manage technological change and prepare for an AI-driven future (Just check out their in-depth AI in the Workplace hub.). They believe in the potential of AI-powered automation to enable more frictionless experiences across a range of domains, including individualized upskilling. We’re grateful to be aligned with a forward-thinking organization that sees technology as a tool to unlock more unique opportunities for learners at scale.
Audience alignment
If you’re in HR, you know SHRM. And even if you’re not in HR, you probably still know SHRM! They have a pulse on HR professionals like no one else – through industry-leading research, member events, and advocacy. Since HR and Learning and Development professionals (who often sit within HR) are our primary audience, we’re confident that this partnership with SHRM will enable us to get deeper insights into the professionals we serve. 

What’s in it for you

Every investment we receive helps accelerate our product development. And we believe the feedback we receive from SHRM experts will shape our product roadmap and help grow our customer acquisition. All of this will make us a stronger organization with more resources to keep improving our products and your customer experience.
We’d love to see you at the SHRM events in Las Vegas (April 14-17) and Chicago (June 23-26). So if you’re planning to attend, please stop by and say Hi! Next week in Vegas we’ll be exhibiting at booth 530, and we’ll have a presentation on Tuesday called “Unveiling the Path to True Employee Upskilling: Overcoming Obvious and Hidden Barriers.
Hope to see you at a SHRM event soon!